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2% Procapil
2% Redensyl
1% Baicapil

Pack Size:

60 ML

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Biogloss Hair Serum contains-
2% Procapil which is a new breakthrough formula that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.
2% Redensyl which is an activator of stem cell division and increases the incorporation of Cystine in hair Proteins.
1% Baicapil which provides good development of hair sheaths and larger bulb and hence makes hair thicker

Product Details:
* Hair Vitalize Serum With Multi Peptides
* Scientifically Proven Components as Procapil 2%, Baicapil 1%, Redensyl 2% Fortified with Biotin & Chamomile Extract
* Strengthens Hair & Prevents Hair Loss
* Targeted delivery technology blocks DHT & remarkably stimulates Hair Growth
* Enhances Microcirculation to the Scalp
* Improves Luster and Sheen of damaged Hair
* Relieves Scalp Irritation & Optimizes the moisture Balance
* Reduces Dandruff & Excessive Sebum Production
* Increases Hair Volume & Improves Overall Scalp & Hair Health for Visibly thicker, Gorgeous Strands
Skin Type : All
Item Form : Lotion
Net Qty : 60 ml

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