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Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin-E, Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Oil

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100 ML

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NIMOWASH FACEWASH is a gentle, non-drying foaming face cleanser, that helps to control excess oil and acne breakouts & gives you clearer skin without stripping the skin’s texture. Glycolic acid in NIMOWASH FACEWASH is non-comedogenic, meaning that they do not clog your pores. Glycolic acid also removes dead skin cells and reduces inflammation related to acne. Glycolic acid improves skin texture and diminishes wrinkles. Salicylic acid for acne-fighting. Salicylic acid works by reducing the amount of dead skin cells that are trapped inside the pores. Prevents the pimple formation. Helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads. Also contains the added advantages of Aloe Vera Extract & Vit. E which gives antibacterial & Moisturizing effects.


Benefits of NIMOWASH Foaming Face Wash

⚫ Prevents reoccurrence of acne

⚫ Clears dead skin cells

⚫ Provides required moisture to the skin

⚫ Boosts skin renewal


Directions to Use: NIMOWASH Foaming Face Wash

Take an adequate amount of face wash on the palm. Gently massage the foaming face wash in a circular motion on the wet face, avoiding eyes and surrounding areas. Rinse with water and pat dry it. Use the face wash twice a day for better results. In case the face wash gets into the eyes, rinse it immediately.

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